Just Like that

As train picked momentum
he came, sat next to me

I felt a connection
Just like that…..

He looked old and frail
with hollow haunted eyes
I wanted to know him
just like that……

He turned towards me slowly
grasping to split agony out

of life’s truths and miseries,
just like that…..

I pretended not to hear him
but was drawn to his woes
with an urge to heed him

just like that…..

He stopped his monologue
with tears dwelling in eyes
but couldn’t get to wipe them
just like that……

Suddenly he rushed up to

step out to the station
leaving me reflective

just like that…..

He moved away from me
but, somehow, left void
and vast vaccum behind
just like that….

It dawned on me as a jolt

that I felt the connection
as I was  as lonely as him
just like that……..


Living in the world of -
Instant gratification,
Public notifications,
Likes and invisible dislikes,
Retweets and favourites.

We forget- lest reminded of,
by the automated machines.
Of feelings and belonging,
Of those who matter and
All that matters to their being.

Baring our souls in public spaces
We expose ourselves randomly,
For those who care to decipher,
To validate our muted feelings
and acknowledge it for us.

Birthdays, Anniversaries,
Sorrow, hurt or loss,
Instagram justifiably filters
And awaits the surge in slots.

The world does take a notice,
Acknowledges and celebrates,
By a random like or comment,
And then refreshing the web page,
Pushes it down into a lost space.

This is the paradox of our times ,
Relationships are lived by the day.
Feelings are archived and muted
with detachment just a click away.
Dear Self, Have a Happy Birthday!


This is for all those men who raised questions regarding celebrating women’s day :


Invisible scars that she so proudly wore on her heart,
Were reminiscence of an era from her not so glorious past.
The bruises since then dissolved into her skin,
Only this much pain her fragile body could contain within.

She moved on in life with an unscathed mind,
But seething pain from old injuries kept the hurt alive.
Forgoing weakness -embracing resilience was her resolve,
She used her inner strength to turn mightier than a Sword.

She laughs, she cries, she scowls yet she rules your heart,
She supports, she purports, but she too is human after all.
To judge her and call her vain is not a conclusion to her story,
She has struggle through the storms and created history.

Celebrate her, elevate her and bring her glory with aplomb,
She shall bore your progeny and nurture it in her womb.
She is strong in solitude yet she needs you to feel complete,
Be firmly by her side, complimenting her as The Adam to the Eve .

Aaj Aur Kal

Tere aaj aur kal ke darmiyaan
Ik sadi guzar gayi ek saal me

khol kar mutthi jhaank ke dekh
pighala dil rula hai kis haal me

jiski yaad me thokare khayi hai
khud se khud ka haal poochte

mudke rukke ek baar na dekha
karke behaal gaya ,us khayal ne.

Naya Saal Naya Haal

Naya Saal
Naya Haal
Par ….
Wahi Sawal
Wahi Malal

Kaun hun mai
Kaha hai jana
Kya kho karke
Kya hai panaa

Hai Tu Khuda Gar
Tera Shafa Manoo
Khud se mila de toh
teri Khudaai manoon

Naye Lihaf mein
Naya ek “Main”de
Khud ko kho pa jaun
Mann ko naya libaas
pehna oadaa larjaoon

Arre O saal 2012 ,
bahut ummeedein
hai tujhse yaara
Sabko khushi,pyar dena
rooth naumeed na karna…

Dear 2012, We welcome you with a smile on our lips and a Song in our hearts …..


Aaj zaroorat hai kuch almaariyo ki
kuch raaz failey hai bagEhaya mein
teri furkat ko bardaasht karne ka
sabr o hausla ab mujhme nahi hai

Aaj zaroorat hai kuch shehnaaiyo ki
kuch junoon ufan aaya hai gulista me
teri ruswaaiyo ka sog kaise manate barbadiyo ke jashn ki mehfil nahi hai

Aaj zaroorat hai kuch saudaaiyo ki
kuch sangdil hai is jashNeHaya mein
teri bewafai ki kya koi kimat lagaae
wafa E nasoor ki koi dawai nahi hai

Ten Commandments for Twitter Newbies

Even though I ‘ve been on twitter since 2009 ,I actually started tweeting with all fervor around the Cricket World Cup in April 2011.The Cricket Mania and Twitter Mania was Euphoric and Mesmerizing.Clearly,I was bitten by the Tweet Bug.

In my quest to know the medium and the mode , I Learnt  some rules of managing the art and survived to share Ten Commandments for a Twitter Newbie … Here they go ……

1.Follow the people and celebrities you like.Comment wisely but don’t spam their Timelines with your enthusiasm and undying love for them.You would be surprised to find many wonderful people on Twitter.

2. When two men are crowding your timeline with their bitter fight ,find the first quiet corner and resurface only when peace prevails. Don’t interfere or comment .. If  women are fighting (God Forbid if more than two are clawing at each other),leave your Timeline, Run, Go,Hide.Come back the next day .

3. No Plagiarism please. If you’re quoting someone’s tweet, mention @ to give credit. If you’ve known something through someone ,credit again by saying ” Via @ “. Good Manners Go long way on twitter too, like anywhere else.

4. No nasty tweets to celebs please,you never know when they would start following you .Don’t abuse the troll of a Celeb .While he may escape their wrath,you may get labelled as a troll .

5. Mind your own binness …and mean it.You want to be Mean – Be Mean only with a touch of subtly. Passive observations rocks Twitter .Read It.Shut It.Forget It.

6. If someone with more than one profile RTs (Retweets) your same tweet from all IDs in succession , don’t cry Foul.Its accepted and acknowledged in the quiet allies of DMs(Direct Messages).

7.If you are living a lie on twitter,maintain its Sanity or call quits.Be nice or be yourself.SIMPLE. Pretensions don’t last here for long .

8.Don’t prompt people to follow you. If they like what you tweet, they would follow you anyway.Once you cross the magic number of 1000 followers ,don’t butcher the people who followed you loyally and helped you reach where you are.Be gracious and show patience with them.

9. Be Grateful.Acknowledge people’s kindness and nastiness equally.Both require tremendous efforts & courage.

10. Twitter is full of Good Samaritans who show exemplary courage in the time of distress and fight for a cause unequivocally. The Magnanimity  of Twitterati never fails to amaze the World , be it for CSR, during terror attacks or deluge.Twitter is happy to help 24*7.

One Bonus point for you …don’t jump into someone’s conversation irrespective if you have a PHD on the subject…..

And if nothing works,mumble,jumble ,do random rambling …say #justsaying :-)

…Explore , there’s an Ocean of interesting people out there ….you only have to find them ….and strike great conversations :-)

Happy Tweeting :-)

#YoursTruly, Gee

PS : Definition of Tweet : the Art of stating a complete story in just 140 characters.

Swinging between two extremities

Swinging between two extremities
the predicament of unsighted decree
Shall see the equilibrium tilt wherein
my pious humility or thy sly vanity

Thorny is the path to tread
from obscurity to luminosity
a double edged sword hangs in
from beginning to the eternity

Illusions detained the truth in shackles
Hazy’s the road uphill to The Pinnacle
Ignominy pleads salvation from the peak
Covetousness leads the path to downhill

Swinging between two extremities
my voice within and external whim
Shall see the equilibrium tilt wherein
my trailing humility or thy arrogance

Seeking the definitive divine intervene
to satiate the prevailing hostilities
threatening is the equilibrium spree
to my consciousness and thy civility

May the best virtue be triumphant
and the demons slide out slithering
a man should not die while swinging
between two expansive extremities.

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