#OctPoWriMo Challenge 2015 : Day 10 : WILD

The prompt for today :Wild, Untamed, Unlimited, not abiding by societal norms, listening to your favorite music and getting in touch of your wild self. Well, well, the prompt for today is in sync with the weekend reverie. More on the theme :


and the poem:


Random Thoughts.
Running Amok.
Find a Leash.
Tie them please.
You fear, they do not rhyme together.
Does it matter?
Life does not either.


Dancing waves crash against the gullible shore. 
Touch & go. Seethe & appease. Ebb & Flow. 
How calm looks the sea ! Can the shore ever be?


To be lost again.
To be found again.
The game of hide & seek
that the meandering river and
the wandering anabranch repeat.
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You are a trajectory.
I am a random free wave.
Show me the way.
I will create my own space.

#OctPoWriMo Challenge 2015 : Day 8 : Color Me Up !

Each prompt is more engaging than the other. Thank you for the prompt for the day Tamara Woods – http://www.octpowrimo.com/2015/10/color-me-good-octpowrimo-day-8.html

Here’s the poem of the day:


Out on the street.

There is utter chaos.

No can see,

the real face of another.

Streets are bleeding red,

but no one is hurt.

There is a riot,

but no medical casualties.

Boys chasing boys,

on a friendly banter day.

Girls giggling in unison,

with faces painted and sprayed.

Oh ! It is intoxicating.

Well, the happiness is contagious

in many ways.

The free-flowing colors of Holi*

make the skies crimson

and everyone oblivious

to impertinent stress.

Whenever I think of red,

I think of finger imprints

that you left behind

so lovingly on my cheeks

on the Holy day of Holi.

HOLI * – Festival of Colors, celebrated in March , at the onset of spring.

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#OctPoWriMo Challenge 2015 : Day 6 : FREEDOM

The challenge for today is a thought provoking question : what in your life do you wish was different ? Thank you for the lovely prompt Morgan Dragonwillow. This is what freedom looks like :


Clear star-lit night sky,

Two towering buildings hold hands,

Somersaulting courage to trapeze.

Roaring high tide of sea,

Merges with setting sun of ochre sky,

You emerge from twilight.



Vindicative sea becalls,

To incite or to drive surfer away,

But brave only know courage.


Walking with the hide tide.

Sea embraces brevity of my existence.

Sun salutes in admiration.


#OctPoWriMo Challenge 2015 Day 5 : TABLE FOR TWO

Poetic cue for the #OctWriPoMo challenge for the day is ” Capture a feeling or relationship. Do not tell, just show it”.

What a beautiful prompt! Feelings are complicated and so are relationships. It takes years to build on one and minutes to destroy it. Here is the poem :


Are you by yourself” receptionist asked politely,
I said “A room for two”( as I may have company).

Towels emanated moistened musk of your being,
A fortnight since you got drenched in this stream.

Turning in for the night, I outstretched my hand,
Silk sheets ruffled softly as your thought slipped in.

Lawn table was set for two. I told waitress to let it be,
Said “Don’t remove that plate “( I may have company).

“You look bright, hope you slept well, “said petit girl,
“Have sumptuous breakfast please, a long day ahead”.

( She had perhaps seen faces in morning headline,

It was our scarred torn picture, but you looked divine).

Strolling out of lobby, I said a silent prayer to The Frey*,

And vowed to come back to use room for what I paid.

FREY * – noun, Scandinavian Mythology. the god of peace, prosperity, and marriage.

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#OctPoWriMo 2015 Day 4 : CACTUS


The neighbor had sown new seeds in few pots. 
Kept them on parapet that joined our houses.
The cactus has roared its ugly head in it now,
Things aren't the same between us anymore
The cracks are visible on thin chapped lips,
The smiles have veils, the hands with blades. 
On the parapet of wall separating our houses,
Hatred is growing taller with each passing day.

#OctPoWriMo 2015 Day 2 REDEMPTION

Came across #OCTPOWRIMO 2015 challenge on twitter yesterday and thought of posting one poem per day for the whole month of October. It is indeed inspiring to read work of other poets who are participating in the challenge.The month of discovering contemporary poetry across the globe.

Today is Day 2 and I would like to post a poem called Redemption.


Sailing through swarming sea of shrieking voices,
Shying away from moistened eyes amidst debris,
I yearned to find a crevice in the wrecked aircraft,
Find solitude in chaos and mourn my notional loss.

How one grieves the death of a strayed beloved?
Rue a loss – surreal sans sign of flesh and blood.
He, ubiquitous lie of life with prolonged absence,
She, his inevitable truth, now, in history with him.

He chose a life of treachery and lust over defined.
Challenged the destiny and destroyed the sublime.
She craved for my identity, carved on a coffin now,
Willful lives destroyed in quest of final redemption.

All Copyrights reserved @GayatriiM
All Copyrights reserved

#OctPoWriMo 2015 Day 1 – Inferno


Broken ribs.
Punctured spleen.
Droopy shoulder.
Staggering knee.

Ruptured muscles.
Rattled bones.
Twisted arm.
Choking throat.

Flaring nerves.
Throbbing veins.
Bruised heart.
Twisted brain.

Indigo eyes.
Crimson skin.
Tattered lips.
Battered life.


Tough Love.
In an inferno.

All Copyright Reserved @GayatriiM
All Copyright Reserved

” Be Yourself ” #MomsForABetterWorld

This post is being written for the #MomsforaBetterWorld Project. http://www.womensweb.in/2015/05/momsforabetterworld-blogger-contest/

A Woman. A Mother. A Wife. A Teacher. A Worker. A Home Maker. An Individual.

A woman is a creature with thousands of thoughts to process and million of things to accomplish each day.

A Mother is a woman entrusted by nature to carve out the right path for the inquisitive little minds that are  navigating their way through years to be on their own life journeys.

To my daughter : “Being a role model to your child is a tough proposition because in our hearts, we, the mothers know that we are not perfect even though we always show our best to our children.We are as humane as you are. We falter at times but we have courage to be back on our feet and continue to strive hard to navigate your minds effectively, to give you strength to face the world in the best possible way with the right attitude and tough defences. We may not be perfect but we remain who we are and not change our core, retain the rock solid belief in our value systems and learnings and to grow as an individual as we full fill our various roles.”

“While it is important to fulfil all your obligations, the foremost responsibility of a person is towards one’s own self”

No matter how accomplished your peer group may sound or how pretty girls in the fashion contests may seem, please know that –

” You are a unique individual who is unlike anyone else in the whole wide world. Your thoughts are a manifestation of all your learnings and your writings would be a product of your sound intellect. Your essence is yours and yours only. The success would be yours to devour if only you will allow yourself to grow up to be who you truly are.

BE YOURSELF” .That is my mantra for you.

Look into the mirror each morning and Hi 5 with your reflection ,tell her what a wonderful person you are. Be proud of who you are. If you ever falter, use your failures as the stepping stone to success. Never lose belief in your core strengths.

 “Cultivate your gift , sow the seed and let it grow into a magnificent tree.

Keep your mind open to new learnings, travel the world and keep evolving.

“Evolution is the most beautiful gift that human beings have, a gift rest of the species in the world are devoid of. My sincere advice to you my little woman-to-be ” Be Yourself, Keep Evolving and make the world a better place to live in”.

Love, Mum

2015-08-07 17.41.59

ADAM AND EVE : Muse of the Month April 2014 – Women’s Web

“A tribute to my favorite Indian Poetess Kamala Das”

Even when the world was young, did Eve believe that the world was her own? This poem will set you thinking.

One of the top 5 entries for April’s muse of the month ( 2014) writing cue, “Today the world is a little more my own.” (from Punishment in Kindergarten, Kamala Das).


Dusk settled in and dawn was yet to glow

Nocturnal souls were back in ethereal abode

Sacramental chores too called it a night,

for hearth-work to return when sun does rise

Kicked by an excruciating endocrinal spurt;

Adam perspired and crudely sat awake,and

suggestively caressed sluggish Eve‘s lovely face.

At 3 in the night, she was startled at the bay,

as she heard him hoarsely say:

“Darling, I reckon an Urgent Need has aroused;

It won’t let me sleep, till the fire is doused”

Murmured the mannequin, as she quietly lied,

“My body is your temple O’ Ma’ lord;

only for you with all my devotion…

any time and as you like”

The ever-dutiful consort, nodded and complied;

and another part of Eve reverently died.

She consummated the deep passion in her stride;

darkness hiding the tear, stuck at corner of her eye,

suppressing sinking pain arising from her core

her limbs bushed severely due to the rigorous chore

Rigmarole returned as the sun shone bright

Both set out to earn to secure the future slight

Adam whispered softly, kind of apologized

“Don’t know what happened to me last night”

Said Eve – “Hush hush, you are a man, I discern.

Please don’t apologize , it was my turn to return.

Energy emerged from your limbs, you notified

and I merged in it to ease your body’s plight.
Today, the world seems a little of my own,

I may carry in my womb what you had sown.

I came back from your rib as you would recall

and now I pay back my dues at each nightfall.”

All Rights Reserved @GayatriiM
All Rights Reserved

Chai ki Chaabi

Featured Image -- 779


Ek rasm si ban chali thi
Mai aur mere bhai
Chai sang liya karte the
Saath hoti thi behas
Aur bahut saari aisi
Baatein jo chai ki chaabi
Chalaa deti thi

Dost se badhkar
Tha mera bhai
Mil baithte the
Rasbhari kadak chai ki aas mein
Aur mil ke lete the,
Kabhi uskli pyaali, aur mera pyaala
Aur phir kabhi ulti ganga chalte
Meri hoti thi pyaali, pyaala uska

Vaisi chai na phir mili
Na mili aisi charcha
Na dost vaise rahe
Na baithak na vaisa adda
Din saal guzar chale
Hum to us chai ko bhool hi chuke the
Ab donon apne the
Pyaali aur chai
Par voh baat kahaan

Ekdum se ek din
Kisi ne pukaara
Arre, pyaali loge
ki pyaala
Mil chale the dost puraane
Dhoondne vahi puraani aas
Rasbhari chai jo chaabi ban
Baaton ke engine ko khoob chalaye

Yeh kya, jab aamna saamna hua to…

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#CatchUpOnGrowth IndiBlogger Meet -Launch of GSK Horlicks Growth Plus

“How does a mother react when her eight year old finishes his glass of milk in a jiffy, jumps up and hugs her saying ” Wow ! That was so tasty..Thank you Mum “

I would say – “Thank you  Horlicks !”

FLASHBACK : That was a pleasant maternal pride moment from sunday evening last week.

Before I proceed further with this blog, let me add a disclaimer that this post is not paid for and is true account of my experience of GSK and Indiblogger meet in Delhi.

Saturday, 14th May was a hectic and eventful day for me and the wonderful people I work with. We had our annual SKCKonnect event which kept me engaged till late evening. Yet, I was determined to make it to the GSK Indiblogger’s Bloggers meet next day for two reasons :

  1. An old association with Indiblogger team and commitment.They are a sincere lot !
  2. My son absolutely loves Horlicks and I also had many questions in mind regarding the growth pang any mother faces with growing kids. ( Reiterating a point made above). This was a unique opportunity to meet many qualified nutritionist and child specialist on a single platform.

So, I got late in reaching the venue, The Lalit, New Delhi  and reached as the post lunch session begun.

The schedule I attended was as follows :

* Catching up on lost Growth*

Moderated by ever graceful Ms. Natasha Badhwar, a media person and a wonderful mother ( I call her The woman with the kindest eyes). The panel consisted of :

1. Dr. Rajiv Chhabra, HOD-Pediatrics ,Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon.

2. Ms. Satinder Walia
Does wonderful work with people with disabilities. Has Masters degree in Psychology from University of Central Oklahoma, USA.

3. Dr. Jyoti Arora
Head Dietician at Batra Hospital.

The questions were varied and answers were honest. There were concerned parents, to be parents, would be parents with anxious questions related to the growth and nutrition (or rather lack of it) due to school stress and sedentary lifestyle from across the hall. Live tweets with #CatchUpWithGrowth were displayed on two large screens on each side of the panel stage to help everyone in the room benefit from the questions asked.

As a late comer, I was sitting in the last row but Ms. Badhwar took my question and Dr. Chhabra explained how Vitamin D can be consumed by just 40 minutes of sun exposure for 5 days a week.

Now was the time for the launch that everyone was eagerly awaiting : Launch of Growth Plus and Product Unboxing .

The most reassuring part of the launch were the FAB FIVE (as I call it) facts :

1. GSK spent 4 to 5 years in researching for technology to develop the supplement Growth Plus which provides wholesome nutrition, carb and energy supplement to children.

2. The product is specifically aimed at children between 2 years to 9 years.

3. The product is specifically made for under nutrition children.

4. GSK is giving a guarantee of visible growth in six months and also shared a monthly booklet to record the vital stats of the child to measure growth.

5. We were given a sample of Growth plus in chilled milk and it was yummilicious.

Sadly, all queries of “can I have it as a weekend refreshment ” by 18 year plus audience were turned down smilingly by the Doctors on the stage.

GSK, you have a great potential audience for Growth Plus Adult version, please do give it a thought🙂

There was a tea break and I got an opportunity to catch up with some old blogger and social media friends.

Next was fun filled Networking session. Bloggers were divided into 8 to 9 groups and each group had great fun making videos after initial come forward-go back warming up activity by wonderful Indiblogger team🙂

I made some great connections with fellow bloggers. Thank you Renie Ravin and wonderful team of Indiblogger for giving us this amazing opportunity to have so many questions answered amidst fun, laughter with a feeling of Bon Homie.

PS : Pictures and more details of the event at : <iframe src=”https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fmedia%2Fset%2F%3Fset%3Da.10153673816562883.1073741877.67564062882%26type%3D3&width=500&#8243; width=”500″ height=”626″ style=”border:none;overflow:hidden” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ allowTransparency=”true”>


The Year That was – 2015 #TalesOf2015

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Bucket list – The list of stuff you would want to do before your time expires on the Earth. It is like a bottomless pit -the more, the merrier- things to die for kind of  achievable and attainable goals.

PS : Mind you, my bucket list was made much before I saw Morgan Freeman-Jack Nicholson starred The Bucket List later during the year. For those who haven’t seen it, take this post as a recco to watch the movie.

Year 2015 could be called the year of transformation. The year when few firsts’ from the bucket list were struck off the list, some life altering decisions were taken and an aspiring internal journey began with the first external journey taken this year.

Anthony Robbins once said :

The Only Impossible Journey is the one you never begin”. 

That holds true for any journey one aspires to take in life .Whatever you desire for in life, destiny transpires it for you.

The year also taught me the value of companions during travelling.   Like-minded friends and family members make the journeys worthwhile.

(We shall talk about the benefits of Solo travel in another post).

It all began with a participation in a women car rally with a friend of a decade and driving down to Jhunjhun district in Rajasthan from Delhi.

Waking up to the chirping of birds and feeling one with the serene surrounding of exquisite Mandawa Castle in Shekhawati region in Rajasthan on my birthday turned out to be a wonderful initiation to the journies ahead. We also witnessed movie shoot of upcoming film “Mirzaya”at Mandawa and are now awaiting  release of the movie.

Another journey took us to Golden Temple in Amritsar, visiting wagah border and observing flag exchanging ritual followed by a visit to Dharamshala and Mcloedganj. Visited the beautiful Norling Monastery and Akbar’s coronation site near Firozpur,  saw a horizontal shivling at Kalanaur in Punjab which was a rare sight.

The next journey was to explore the ethereal beauty of North East. Another first. Still mesmerised by the picturesque valleys and mountains leading towards Nathula pass and the overwhelming sentiments felt at Indo-China Border-felt proud meeting and interacting with Army jawaans posted there who face  extreme weather conditions so that we can sleep peacefully in our secured homes.

Th thrill of riding a Yak at holy Tsomgo lake,the peace felt at tranquil compound of Rumtek Monastery, waking up to the sight of Kunjunjunga mountains, waterfalls, an old suspended bridge at Pelling were enhanced by warm hospitality of home stays we opted for in Sikkim. The stay at Darjeeling was spent in Mineral water, amongst a village resort with nothing but fireflies to show you way at night, resident dogs to accompany you to the waterfall to soak in and a sumptuous meal with a local Nepali family as you discover the rural village in West Bengal. Well, we also walked into Nepal through Kakarbhitta, one of the borders after a brief rickshaw ride from a town near Siliguri.

Travelling is therapeutic, enriching and humbling. Meeting people different than yourself, experiencing cultures with deeply embedded roots in traditions, respecting the differences and appreciating the new learnings, a sudden realisation of the grandeur of nature strikes you as you take a quick halt at mountains to see the setting sun become one with clouds behind the mountains.  It is only when you are back into the rigmarole of routine life, a step back to close your eyes and envision that moment brings such peace to the anxious city-bred heart than no stress buster cure can buy.

This was also the year when I saw a sunrise at Konark temple in a month and observed sunset at Kanyakumari in another. The year when we travelled to Vivekananda Memorial in a jetty while crossing Triveni Sangam and spent an idle day later in a houseboat in backwaters of Kerala at Kollam.

No travel is complete without a visit to the local zoo. Trivandrum zoo is a wildlife lover’s delight and Nandankanan Zoological park at Bhubaneshwar needs one complete day to explore the wonderful stories the place has to offer.

There was a trip down the memory lane too. A wonderful morning walk to Upper lake at Bhopal and watching the sunset from Bharat Bhawan. A visit to my favorite NGO in Bhopal and discovering the vast history the museums hold in the heart of the city.

The mystique and allure of Indian Mythology and religious places took me to ancient Hindu Temples in Bhubaneshwar including famous Lingaraj temple, a guided tour at Konark temple revealed the evolved mindset of our ancestor. The occult practices at Taran Tarini temple and a recent visit to Kamakhya Devi temple in Guwahati made me wonder on human psychology to attain their desires through nefarious means.

The year ended with yet another North Eastern sojourn  Shillong and Cherrapunji.Walking through the sacred forests of Khasi tribe and hearing interesting stories about their Matriarchal system was quite an experience. Staying by the Dawki river, zipping across mountains on a zip liner, kayaking in pristine blue waters, visiting the cleanest village in Asia, discovering live root bridges,walking over 4000 steps to and fro double root bridges, walking through waist deep water in lime caves after steep hiking, saw Bangladesh border atop a tree house. the exhilarating experiences of this journey transformed a trip of few days into an experience of a lifetime.

There were many moments that words can not do justice to. Experiences are feelings one cannot express adequately in words. Some pictures here to share the experience.

Wish you all a great year ahead. May you push your boundaries, expand your horizon and live life to your heart’s content.

A bucket list is always handy but I would say: ” Carpe Diem” – Enjoy the moment and live your day.

” I’m sharing my #Talesof2015 with BlogAdda.”

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People get lost in the maze of circumstances,

finding circles in squares,only to emerge as ones

they were truly meant to be since the beginning.


People slightly damaged,hearts little bruised,

Minds somewhat aggravated,have known hardship

and lived through the malady of an unsecured life.


Deceived,shaken, stirred, deflated,shown down,

yet, retained their faith,nurtured the hopeless hope,

and still woke up each day with a song  in their heart.

All rights Reserved @GayatriiM
All rights Reserved

#OctPoWriMo Challenge 2015 : Day 11 : Success

Hope. Dreams. Success. Fulfilment. Finding support of loved ones to achieve the unattainable. The theme for today : 


And the poem :


The mind was numb.

Not one word on paper but in queue were ten.

You have it in you. Just pause, reflect and think.

The flood of creativity is simmering inside you,

Waiting to flow out with force of the determined.

A pat on the back, a glimmer of faith in eyes.

Is all a person on a Blackfoot needs to arise and survive.
One word, and then there were ten.

In the tranquility of the nights,

With a random lizard on the wall

As the lone moving companion,

I wrote. Oh I wrote and how.

Words flew and how.

One, ten, hundred and a thousand.

Clock chided if I ever broke for a pause.

Sending fingers back to work onkeypad.

I was running against the time.

I had time by my side.
And at the end of the month.

Not one word, neither a hundred or a thousand.

Half a million words were dancing on the paper.

Telling a tale created from scratch to the defined.

It was work of fiction but felt so real.

The experience was surreal, mood was sublime.

I took a a slow languorous sip, 

And swirled it around in my mouth,

Held on to taste of sweet success for a while, 

Cherishing it as if holding a dusted cherished bottle 

from the cellar, of a rare vintage wine.

#OctPoWriMo Challenge Day 9 : Elements

Earth, fire, air, wood, metal, water – the elements that form life, the duality of these elements creates intertwined qualities that make essentials of life inseparable from each other. They sometimes compliment, sometimes contradict each other but remain inseparable never the less.

More about the theme for the day here :


I float.

On the surface of your universe.

we coexist.

Retain our individuality

Never merging or diluting our beings.

Some days I am the drop of oil,

Some time you are the ocean underneath.


I get charred like coal,

turn to ashes completely.

You surround me,

with your seething rage,

Engulfing my complete being.

I find a new companion,

And flow along so far,

Scattering a part of me,

over the wasted bridges.

I had met you first time there

Do you recall ?

Before you burnt them all.

Some days I am the wood,

Some times you are the fire

And the time, the air that ever breathes.


The tighter I hold it in my palms,

The faster it slips from my grip.

It is only when the palms are empty,

I can hold your hands and weep.

You are the creator, you are the end.

Earth beneath my feet embraces

the sand slipping from the grip.


Where do you put a full stop.

Where do all the elements find rest.