I have a question, Sir?

Does peace love solitude, or coexists with multitudes? If self-attainment is an inner sanctum, isn't religion, an overhyped fulcrum? Amidst chaos & cacophony of ideological diktat, how, why, for what, the faith remains, intact?

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The Photographers’ Poem

50 mm lens, a compact nifty fifty, aperture shifting, @ f/1.2,f/2.4,f/4, Zoom in, out slant of the eyebrows, The face, myopic, microscopic now. (-0.50 lens, are appearances everything)?   The scuffle between agility and survival, Amma's saree pleats on her forehead, mish and mashed, like parallel plateau, in an ebb & flow, embedded in her... Continue Reading →

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Mysuru before the Dasara week

How many of you remember Mysore as the inspiration behind the city Malgudi that R.K.Laxman had created with his words? On this sojourn, I wanted to locate Malgudi in the folds of Mysore.

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Positive parenting skills for modern age parents

Summing up the positive parenting skills in a parenting skills checklist : 1. Effective communication between parents and with children. 2. Make ground rules for children and yourself. Adhere to them. 3. Set routines for children to form new habits. 4. Be involved and evolve together. 5. Teach them empathy, compassion and self-respect. 6. Participate in parenting skills workshops at school and in the community. 7. Get involved in parenting skills activities with other parents and teachers. 8. Give them a stable and non-conflicted environment at home to have good self-esteem. 9. Be unconventional sometimes and teach children to live outside their comfort zones. 10. Remember, moderation is the key to effective parenting skills.

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Modern Age Parenting

How do modern age parents avoid the pitfalls of modern times and raise sensitive global citizens of the world?

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DIAL-CSR @10 ,GMRVLF@25 – A CSR Journey

Company Act 2013 made CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) a mandate for the corporates to set up a CSR board committee and ensure at least 2 percent of the average net profits of the company from three preceding financial years is spent on CSR. This meant close to Rs. 150 billion rupees were available to be spent annually on the altruistic purposes. How does one ascertain if the mandate has been followed with the intent it was established with? Here was an opportunity to explore.

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The Malady of Wanderlust

Fear jazzed with angst on the tip of my tongue. churning stomach, knots wrung. Stranded entangled, in a maze of roads, my heart rose, ticked as a clock with battery low.   The curvaceous roads to NathuLa pass, surrounded by them mystical mountains echoed and forewarned at each turn; curvy Tsmago lake, can be lethal, a meandering snake.... Continue Reading →

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The Release

If only he had known she was the last shaky leaf precariously clinging to a family tree barren'd by cancer, he may have been gentler in his revelation.

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Unforgettable Friends.Happy Friendship day – To a friend, I never met.

Nostalgia is like butterscotch ice-cream. The caramelised sugar chunks, the moments, tantalise the tongue long after the ice-cream is over. I ran my tongue over the lips. The smile tasted of sweet caramel.

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Lipstick Under My Burqa

Lipstick under my burqa effectively portrays the baby steps taken by four women towards liberation from the dogma of society. Their lives intertwine at some point during the journey, handholding each other without judging or being intrusive. The movie offers you no solution in the end, neither does it preach in any manner. It shows you how brazenly these four women embrace the grey shades of their lives.

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Shameful – Day 14 – #OctPoWriMo 2016 #31days31poems

In India, female foeticide has been an evil practice for centuries, for the want of a male child. There are religious, social, financial and emotional reasons too. Times are changing and people are embracing the girl child. Unfortunately, there is still a segment of the society that practices female foeticide.The poem addresses the malpractice which... Continue Reading →

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Strong -Day 12 – #OctPoWriMo 2016 #31days31poems

Free Verse : The refreshing brew, A precocious mind, Two steady hands, The rising tide, Magical lantern of twinkling stars, Floating clouds, A flowing swag. Embraced in a pair of strong arms, engrossed in conversation with a strong willed mind, sipping a cup of Strong brew, under the well lit sky, looking over the strong... Continue Reading →

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Conversations – Day 2- Void #OctPoWriMo 2016

Always the full stop, never a pause ; You, in our conversations. "I like to be the medium," you said, "never the end. "   Counting the milestones, I collected  stamps of memories from each stop over, and you left thumb impressions, inking your presence and marking your absence on the spiral highways of life.... Continue Reading →

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ADAM AND EVE : Muse of the Month April 2014 – Women’s Web

"A tribute to my favorite Indian Poetess Kamala Das" Even when the world was young, did Eve believe that the world was her own? This poem will set you thinking. One of the top 5 entries for April’s muse of the month ( 2014) writing cue, “Today the world is a little more my own.”... Continue Reading →

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This is for all those men who raised questions regarding celebrating International women's day : BECAUSE SHE IS She wears invisible hurt on her quaint heart, A reminiscence of a not-so-glorious past. Can there be an unscathed mind? Seething pain keeps residual angst alive. She laughs, cries, she purports and roars, Yes, she is a... Continue Reading →

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Nine Lives

    TODAY: 8 PM: 29th FLOOR TERRACE, KADAMBARI APARTMENT, SOUTH MUMBAI: “It would just serve him right," Kruthika's contorted mind ran amok, thinking of ways to avenge her insult. Twisting tiny knots of her beige dupatta between her trembling hands, she balanced her feet on the thin ledge on the parapet of the dim-lit deserted terrace... Continue Reading →

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Happy Mahalaya – Sharing Viakat.blog’s post

The alarm clock’s shrilly tune couldn’t wake me up at 5.30 am today. I’d fixed the time after negotiations with myself that 4.30 or 5 am wouldn’t be feasible options given the fact that I traded off sleeping at a decent time last night for an engrossing read (thanks Liane Moriarty for writing Big Little […]... Continue Reading →


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