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Random Thoughts. Running Amok. Find a Leash. Tie them please. Verse. Tweet. Prose. abstract expressions of unfamiliarity. Your fear, they do  not rhyme together. Does it matter ? Life does not, either.


The Majestic Munnar

Munnar has been on my mind since our last visit to Kerala two years back. We travelled across South Kerala from Kochi and visited Kollam, Trivandrum, Kovalam beach, Poovar beach and Kanyakumari. That visit was during monsoons and we soaked in the beauty of God's own country during rains. Also read : Watch an evening... Continue Reading →

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I am the Shell Keeper

    Somedays, I am the shell keeper, the lone guardian of their sea. Somedays at the shore, I trove memories. Somedays, a soothsayer, trudging raised barriers, taking a leap of faith. Somedays, I am a naysayer, fearful of a future, unseen. But. On all days, undoubtedly, I am a woman; the creator, a mother; the... Continue Reading →

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Watch an evening go by Kovalam Beach!

On #WorldTourism day, sharing how an evening spent at the lighthouse and the Kovalam Beach in Trivandrum (Tiruvanthpuram) can leave an indelible mark on your heart.  Lighthouses are love. Showing us a life less ordinary. A life above the mundane. The one above the rising tide,  the beaten stones,  the one away from turmoils. Lighthouses... Continue Reading →

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I have a question, Sir?

Does peace love solitude, or coexists with multitudes? If self-attainment is an inner sanctum, isn't religion, an overhyped fulcrum? Amidst chaos & cacophony of ideological diktat, how, why, for what, the faith remains, intact?

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The Photographers’ Poem

50 mm lens, a compact nifty fifty, aperture shifting, @ f/1.2,f/2.4,f/4, Zoom in, out slant of the eyebrows, The face, myopic, microscopic now. (-0.50 lens, are appearances everything)?   The scuffle between agility and survival, Amma's saree pleats on her forehead, mish and mashed, like parallel plateau, in an ebb & flow, embedded in her... Continue Reading →

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Mysuru before the Dasara week

How many of you remember Mysore as the inspiration behind the city Malgudi that R.K.Laxman had created with his words? On this sojourn, I wanted to locate Malgudi in the folds of Mysore.

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Happy Mahalaya – Sharing Viakat.blog’s post

The alarm clock’s shrilly tune couldn’t wake me up at 5.30 am today. I’d fixed the time after negotiations with myself that 4.30 or 5 am wouldn’t be feasible options given the fact that I traded off sleeping at a decent time last night for an engrossing read (thanks Liane Moriarty for writing Big Little […]... Continue Reading →


Immortalise a story. an image,a framework of words,mirroring, a reflective verse.

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