Ten in the new teen!

We have a Netflix date due now and the boy wants to watch RichieRich. This is in retrospect to the movie date with the Teenager over the weekend. Balances of life. A mother can't afford to let the scale tilt heavier on either side.

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Raising The Millennials

Last week, a thought provoking discussion on "Raising The Millennials " organised  by Jindal University and Young Ficci Ladies Organisation{YFLO}, Delhi at The Lalit, New Delhi on 27th October 2017 opened the forum on insights and possible solutions on raising the Millennials by parents, educators and the socio-economic-political environment.


#MeToo. Pushed, touched, slurred at, cajoled, bribed,  leered at, groped, abused, felt up, down, pinched, threatened, stalked, pounced upon. At 7, at 37. As a child, as a woman. In a crowd, in Isolation. By strange hands, by familiar eyes. Speak up. Vent out. It was always " Them", not ever, never us. Being a woman... Continue Reading →

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Watch an evening go by Kovalam Beach!

On #WorldTourism day, sharing how an evening spent at the lighthouse and the Kovalam Beach in Trivandrum (Tiruvanthpuram) can leave an indelible mark on your heart.  Lighthouses are love. Showing us a life less ordinary. A life above the mundane. The one above the rising tide,  the beaten stones,  the one away from turmoils. Lighthouses... Continue Reading →

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