Books that made me a better parent in the year 2017

Last week of the year. I was reminiscing about the books read in the year 2017.

In a year-end wrap-up, today, I will reflect upon the books that entered the hidden crevices of parenting styles, helped me turn inward, to introspect and reflect upon the finer nuances of conscious and compassionate parenting, that all parents can embrace.

The First book :


As an ardent reader of Natasha Badhwar’s column, My Daughters’ Mum in the Mint Lounge and her blog,  her book of essays, a collection of her weekly columns was a delight to hold on to.

This column has been my secret catharsis for years. Reading it in print each Saturday, mulling over each expression, melting expressions that felt like the scrapings of  hurt on heart from a sandpaper bruise, feeling the joy of small victories like the first drops of rains on the face on a sultry May afternoon and bathing in love that supercedes all mushiness Valentine days greeting cards are made of.

Week after week, I chose to fill those words in my heart, thanking Natasha silently  most weekends ( and in words on social media sometimes ) for collectively bearing the angst, fear, vulnerability and pain of women like me in her writing, to bleed and pour those emotions on paper, for them to soak our minds and filter in the residual love as an antidote to self-doubt and feeling of abandonment as a woman, as a mother we sometimes find ourselves surrounded by .

In “My Daughters’ Mum”, Natasha explores the process of growing up – hers and her daughters, the dynamics of families – grandparents, uncles and friends, the harsh realities of raising children in a volatile, politicised, casteist environment and yet, retaining one’s faith.

Five unexpected lessons when I looked to my children for answers, writes Natasha about learnings, from her daughters Aliza, Naseem and Sahar :

  1. TRUST Children
  2. LET your children protect you
  3. ACCEPT kids’ gratitude
  4. ASK children for help
  5. LOVE yourself like you love your children.

Natasha’s writings helped women like me in embracing vulnerability as a woman,  a mother,  a daughter and daughter in law. She talked about the process of learning and unlearning, of embracing hurt, of dealing with imperfections, of compassion and self-love. She allowed her words to heal her and those who read her book.

I look forward to her next and hope to read it in the year 2018.

Please find the book here: “My Daughters Mum”. 

Do share in comments on your takeaways from the book.






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