Raising The Millennials

Did you know that by the year 2020, 50% of the Global work force shall consist of Millennials. In India, the Millennials form one third of the population and 46% of the workforce, thus making it “Young India” everyone aspires to see as the future of the country.

Millennials or Generation Y were born at the time the world was waking up to newer technology, better communication and easier reach to others across the world ( 1980s to 2000s). They have been raised by Generation X, who had life a bit better in terms of education and opportunities than their predecessor, the baby boomers.

Like each new generation, the Millennials have their own set of unique traits and abilities, basis the education and conditioning they receive from home, schools, colleges, socio-political environment they grow in. Parenting and educating the Millennials and preparing them for the corporate and entrepreneurial journeys, to become the largest work force in the country, comes with its unique set of challenges.

Last week, a thought provoking discussion on “Raising The Millennials ” organised  by Ansal University and Young Ficci Ladies Organisation  [YFLO], Delhi at The Lalit, New Delhi on 27th October 2017 opened the forum on insights on raising the Millennials by parents and educators in a changing socio-economic-political environment.




The panel moderated by GME, Tech- NDTV & Digital Guru, Rajiv Makhni, chaired by trustee- Ansal University, Sheetal Ansal and the esteemed panelists were – Ankhi Das of Facebook, Kalli Purie of India Today. Vanita Uppal of British School and Saket Modi, CEO, Lucideus.

“Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination”.  The chair person  of YFLO, Delhi, Aanchal Sethi, quoted Daniel Bell in her opening address and handed over the floor to Rajiv Makhni.

Rajiv talked about how living in an uninteresting time is easier. The most interesting times with greatest tech and cultural revolutions like the times we are in now come with their own set of nuances to explore and ideate upon.

He raised some pertinent questions :

  • How does one raise Millennials in the times of helicopter parenting, when each child is raised  as a rock star or superstar by the parents?
  • Why do parents tell them it is ok to fail but not prepare them to bounce back and get back on their feet, to fight & survive?
  • How do you teach youngsters who live in a world of instant gratification, with their larger than life , showcasing the bright, shining and good on Facebook, Instagram, twitter feed and snap chat, when the reality strikes ?
  • How prepared are the Millennials as a workforce for the changing dynamics of the corporate world?

What followed was an invigorating and engaging discussion with the panelists, a question and answer session between the panel and the audience.


Photo Source : Facebook


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Saket quoted a recent survey at schools and colleges on transition from education to work space. What intrigued him was 95% of the respondent asked whether they would be allowed to use their mobile for personal use at the work place.

A riveting and thought through interjection by student representatives from schools was made during the interaction with the audience. Quoting Aryan Narang, a class 12th student of Delhi Public School Gurgaon on the session. ” The session  found a connect with me and my friends. It was engaging, interesting and thought provoking. I am glad I got an opportunity to attend it.”

Sharing top 9 key takeaways  from the session :

1. EMPOWER THE MILLENNIALS : By the virtue of their ease  of handling technology and communicating virtually, the young people have inherent
leadership qualities. Empower them with responsibilities, enable them with
skill upgradation and teach  them ethical ways of working.

2. SHARED SPACES : Create    routines. Adhere to them. Sit down together as a family.
Carve out family spaces, make lists together. Hold discussions. have shared values as a family.
Respect opinions. Create boundaries. Respect boundaries. Keep a room open, to access.

3. LEARN FROM THE MILLENNIALS - Parents and educators- Learn from them, on 
Information, technology, insights into a new emerging world. Help them, help you.

4. DIGITAL DETOX : It is ok to not be connected to the virtual world 24*7. 
Parents and millennials both need to follow a digital     detox regime.

5. CREATE A SAFETY NET: Talk to them about cyber bullying, how to report and 
counter it. Teach them how to disseminate information online. Support, if

6. STRENGTHEN THEIR STRENGTHS : The educators and parents need to assert the strength 
of the millennials - Adaptability and problem solving techniques. Help them navigate 
in this space.

7. ENVIRONMENT OF TRUST: The times of today are toughest on friendship that is digitally 
and socially driven. It is important to teach them the value of trust and relationships.
Speak out. Stay safe. Look out for each other.

8. RAISE THE BAR : Motivate the Millennials to aim for higher standards of accomplishments.
Help them to bounce back after failures. Teach them how to counter 'What ifs' 
 in the age of instant gratification.

9. COMMUNITY SUPPORT : Communities like Mumbai Moms on Facebook create an environment of support 
for mothers to help each other with information, insights, stories, to hand hold and help saithrough parenting challenges. Stay connected.


















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