I am the Shell Keeper

    Somedays, I am the shell keeper, the lone guardian of their sea. Somedays at the shore, I trove memories. Somedays, a soothsayer, trudging raised barriers, taking a leap of faith. Somedays, I am a naysayer, fearful of a future, unseen. But. On all days, undoubtedly, I am a woman; the creator, a mother; the... Continue Reading →

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I have a question, Sir?

Does peace love solitude, or coexists with multitudes? If self-attainment is an inner sanctum, isn't religion, an overhyped fulcrum? Amidst chaos & cacophony of ideological diktat, how, why, for what, the faith remains, intact?

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The Photographers’ Poem

50 mm lens, a compact nifty fifty, aperture shifting, @ f/1.2,f/2.4,f/4, Zoom in, out slant of the eyebrows, The face, myopic, microscopic now. (-0.50 lens, are appearances everything)?   The scuffle between agility and survival, Amma's saree pleats on her forehead, mish and mashed, like parallel plateau, in an ebb & flow, embedded in her... Continue Reading →

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Immortalise a story. an image,a framework of words,mirroring, a reflective verse.

The Malady of Wanderlust

Fear jazzed with angst on the tip of my tongue. churning stomach, knots wrung. Stranded entangled, in a maze of roads, my heart rose, ticked as a clock with battery low.   The curvaceous roads to NathuLa pass, surrounded by them mystical mountains echoed and forewarned at each turn; curvy Tsmago lake, can be lethal, a meandering snake.... Continue Reading →

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Partners in Poetry : Gayatri & Me

Source: Partners in Poetry : Gayatri & Me

Why it was good to be raised by a pair of ‘uneducated’ parents

Manmeet Narang

For the longest time I have considered myself unprivileged in terms of education I received. Both my parents barely passed school, college was just a dream they refuse to talk about either out of shame or due to fading memory. Even though they had left no stone unturned to admit me in the best school of the small town of Ludhiana, I felt my parents were ‘incapable’ to support me at times when they ‘should’ have been resolved my issues.

Like in grade ninth if I was battling with trigonometry alone in my room under the lamp light, my best friend had her father sitting next to her showing step by step the method which we both had not tried to understand in the class. But what we did is a different matter, what my parents should have done is the key you see! So I felt small and lived…

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White – Day 20 – #OctPoWriMo 2016 #31days31poems

A Reversed Tetractys form of poetry for the prompt today, as suggested at OctPoWriMo Challenge. You can see the challenge details Here :   Of myriad emotional shades at play, Choose your color, reflect, is your canvas blank? Tetractys consists of at least 5 lines of 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 syllables (total of 20). Tetractys can be written... Continue Reading →

Trees – Day 19- #OctPoWriMo 2016 #Haiku

A  Haiku :   Make room for new love Bid adieu to those drifted Barren trees, Autumn romance.

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