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A Nomad Traveller, a writer, some say a poet , blogger, Instagrammer, Learner for life.

Poetry and short stories have been a lifeline for as long as I remember. In 8th standard in school, as part of the antakshari team, the exposure to Hindi poetry seeped verses into my being and I fell in love with poetry. Masters in English opened the world to the likes of Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath, Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Charles Bukowski .Ok, the last one I made up. Bukowski is not part of the curriculum but I love his poetry (and some prose).

In past,  I have written Hindi radio stories for “Yaad Sheher with Neelesh Misra” for 92.7 Big FM. Wrote a series of short stories for ViaCom18 that never got aired.

Published Hindi story in “Dainik Bhaskar”.supplement, Ras Rang.

Winner of “Muse of the Month for April 2015″ for Women’s web. Poetry tribute to my favorite Indian woman author Kamala Das.

Finalist of “Tum Bhi” poetry contest, judged by Irshad Kaamil.

Blogging since 2006. First few years on Blogpost, then moved to WordPress.

My Hindi blog of poetry and fiction. Hindi Blog is here.

Stories featured in Blogadda “Tangy Tuesdays” and “Spicy Saturdays“, scattered all over the blog. Some, now in drafts, as I keep reworking on my content basis the new insights, tools, techniques gained from Poetry/writing/Photography workshops.

There were some accolades and listed before 2010 that I may have lost track of.

Ex-Hotelier, customer service, communications. Two decades of corporate slavery. Now, slave to my imagination.

Ghostwriter. Blogs on Education. Fiction writer. Travel writer.

I write on travel, parenting, CSR, fiction, poetry, women-centric issues and do freelance portrait/product photography.

For blogging events/writing assignments, please drop in a mail at GeeMail. 

Find me on Twitter @GayatriiM

After a hiatus of 4 years, back on Instagram. Now, OCDing on it. Instagram


Now, about ImaGeees :

A picture tells a thousand stories. As cliched it may sound, it holds true for every image ever frozen in a moment. A moment that belongs to only that emotion, that expression, that feeling, that bonding, that loss, that sadness one felt when the moment was captured.


A moment that belongs to only that one emotion, that unique expression, that singular feeling, that tickle of thrill, that sense of loss, the momentary sadness, the gush of love that crossed one’s heart when that moment was captured.


Images immortalize a moment. Much after the fresh flowers captured lovingly by then lover wilted before dawn and found resting space under the heap of unrequited love, much after leaf absorbs the dewdrop and save it in its roots for a harsh sunny day, that moment, that one moment frozen in an image, stays on as a reminder of the travelogue of life one never wrote, one always intended to be scripted.

 Words. Words are frames around the images, to give them a shelf 
 space,adding before and the aftermath, much after the moment 
 captured hadpassed. Words because the hollowness of certain images 
 may gravitate one into a dark hole, the first sunlight may never see a sunset in
 the same frame without words. The closure may elude a moment forever.
 The closure may never happen in one lifetime or next.

Thank you for stopping by. May you find a bit of you in the stories shared here, in verse, words, images. travel tales and life musings.




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