The Alpha Beta Lover

What kind of font a lover-to-be, can be? If not tenderly cursive, rusticly bold or frighteningly upright?


Carpe Diem , O Captain, My Captain

" I always thought the idea of education was to learn to think  for yourself." Asked John Keating.  Headmaster Nolan replied,"At these boys'age? Not on your life!" How many of you remember this contrasting ideology exchange between the high school English teacher John Keating, Robin Williams character on use of unconventional methods of teaching for teenagers and headmaster Nolan rooting for rote learning in the 1989 American movie “Dead Poets Society”?   Have you come across teachers like John Keating, during your academic years or of your children, who can think outside the box?  John Keating tells his students in his first class in “Dead Poets Society” , you have two options - Call me Mr. Keating or say « O Captain, My Captain ». This is how he introduces his enthusiastic class of 17... Continue Reading →

Books that made me a better parent in the year 2017

Last week of the year. I was reminiscing about the books read in the year 2017. In a year-end wrap-up, today, I will reflect upon the books that entered the hidden crevices of parenting styles, helped me turn inward, to introspect and reflect upon the finer nuances of conscious and compassionate parenting, that all parents... Continue Reading →

Raising The Millennials

Last week, a thought provoking discussion on "Raising The Millennials " organised  by Jindal University and Young Ficci Ladies Organisation{YFLO}, Delhi at The Lalit, New Delhi on 27th October 2017 opened the forum on insights and possible solutions on raising the Millennials by parents, educators and the socio-economic-political environment.

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