In my daily to do list,

before the grocery

and after the workout

your name is etched

right in the middle 

highlighted in floroscent

as a sacrosanct chore,

a mandate task to follow

each day, without fail.
You aren’t listed

at the top or the bottom.

as the life does not

start or end with you.
But without you

life is a stationary wagon

with no fuel or a destiny

and the list is sheer drudgery.

Everytime I get tired

or exasperated 

with life’s inadequacies,

you appear as 

the bright yellow sunshine

amidst the grey gloomy clouds

from either side of the solstice.
You are the ochre dye

coloring the sky at twilight.

With your profound wisdom

and brooding silence,

I cross out
the lines of worries

from the to do list 

and keep your name static

right in the middle

after an in-depth analysis.


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