The sudden isolation,

Beyond one’s control,

Throws you off guard,

Leaving you in a lurch,

with an indecisive future

in an unsure world.
Two inches above the chest

a big lump of pathos forms,

you gulp it down quickly

it hits the gut straight and hard.
Revelation is a strange thing

it takes you by surprise 

when you are down and out,

You grope in the darkness

for reasons unknown

and occurance unwanted

amidst futile, numb dejection. 
Staring at your blurred image

in the tarnished mirror

rusted by the unsparing past,

you run from the world to hide.
Trying to find comfort

in the arms of nothingness,

you slip and fall, slip and fall

into the embrace of a thunderclap.
Out of the blue,

a bleak ray of sunshine

knocks on your dark world,

a helping hand, a soothing voice,

few invisible angels in disguise.
Look deep down within ,

Go, get your mojo back,

rejuvenate, revive, survive,

wear your scars with pride.

Life has never been easy,

If easy, what would life be.


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