The prompt for the day is Tasty. It bought back a flood of memories, of years spent training in busy kitchens at college and then apprenticing at a lovely hotel for few weeks.

Used the suggested form of poetry  Rondel


They were “Friends for life” kind of friends,
The recipe books with new culinary trends,
The Chef cap that I wore with passion & bliss,
And the raised stool for the novice apprentice.

Blood splattered on the apron knew no religion,
Who would’ve know in butchery I was vegan,
Carving knife, aroma & textures were my friends,
And they helped me decode the new food trends.

Sausages, shrimps, cold cuts from the larder,
Sweet aroma, pungent air of the grade manger,
(Olfaction is to a Chef, what story is to a Bard)
A tasty hors d’oeuvres for guests is a good barter,
And worth all the blood, toil, tears & sweat, my friend.



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