Breaking the Mould – Sharp-Day 5 – #OctPoWriMo #31days31poems

Prompt of the day 5 for #OctPoWriMo 2016 is Sharp. Sudden reactions, blind turns, angry words, quick reflex, Hurt, chiseled features, brainy kid, kitchen knife, scissor in the sewing box, wagging tongue, loose words, razor’s edge, pointed toe nail, notebook paper, lead pencil tip, effortless prose, flowing poetry, keen observations, leaves in my garden, loneliness – some of things that one can associate with sharpness in immediate surrounding  . In outer world, cat fights on the road, politicians on news panels, not so impartial fourth estate, people making insane news viral, men pushing boundaries to climb higher at work, women still struggling to break the glass barrier. Some norms need to bend, get a sharp turnaround but they move at a snail’s pace. Hmm.Time to break the mould.

As suggested by Morgan, trying out Blitz style of poetry  for the prompt of the day.


Glass shattered everywhere
Glass shards with intense edges
Edges cause the spike like pain
Edges that embrace the hypocrisy
Hypocrisy in the name of equality
Hypocrisy in the name of diversity
Diversity has a tangy flavour
Diversity feels like a sandpaper
Sandpaper smoothens the differences
Sandpaper wrinkles out the disparity
Disparity gives way to the gender bender
Disparity promotes action by the book
Book of life that reads diametrically
Book deeply embedded in patriarchy
Patriarchy is the norm to live by but why
Patriarchy to suppress women rights
Rights of equality in education & opinions
Rights of pay parity and actual liberty
Liberty to be who she wants to be
Liberty to be a razor edged feminist
Feminist does not burn bras anymore
Feminist conquests and breaks the mould
Mould of emotional tyranny at work
Mould of misogynist dependency
Dependency is a shackle to cage her spirit
Dependency is an antonym of freedom
Freedom in action and reaction
Freedom to be who she wants to be
Be the spirit of her yesterday
Be the guiding light of tomorrow
Tomorrow awaits her at every turn
Tomorrow is keen to let her run
Run towards her defined goals
Run to a better and bright future
Future with no ambivalent feelings
Future of her own and her children
Children are the hope of tomorrow
Children need not know any sorrow
Sorrow that pierced women for ages
Sorrow waning with women uprising
Uprising as morning sun from East
Uprising & showing immense strength
Strength as an epitome of forbearance
Strength in her ability to co-exist
Co-exist with animals, nature and men
Co-exist as equals is your destiny women


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