Participating in #OctPoWriMo 2016. To post a poem a day, all month along and read some wonderful posts by other poets.

The prompt for Day 1 is Time.


He looked frail and wrinkled,
with hollow lifeless empty eyes,
I had a sudden urge to disown him,
Just like that.

As train picked up momentum,
he came, sat next to my discomfort,
I felt an instantaneous repulsion ,
Just like that.

He lowered his shameful face
and spitted miserable words of hate,
I dug my head deeper in my laptop,
Just like that.

His monologue came to a sudden halt,
as train screeched to deboard people,
I stared at his diminishing silhouette,
Just like that.

He was no longer intruding my space,
but his void continued to gnaw at me,
I stood up to a sudden jolt,
Just like that.

A realisation dawned upon me, as a true lie.
In no certain time, I would be as lonely,
and as emptied out like him,
Just like that.

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