#OctPoWriMo Challenge 2015 : Day 11 : Success

Hope. Dreams. Success. Fulfilment. Finding support of loved ones to achieve the unattainable. The theme for today : 


And the poem :


The mind was numb.

Not one word on paper but in queue were ten.

You have it in you. Just pause, reflect and think.

The flood of creativity is simmering inside you,

Waiting to flow out with force of the determined.

A pat on the back, a glimmer of faith in eyes.

Is all a person on a Blackfoot needs to arise and survive.
One word, and then there were ten.

In the tranquility of the nights,

With a random lizard on the wall

As the lone moving companion,

I wrote. Oh I wrote and how.

Words flew and how.

One, ten, hundred and a thousand.

Clock chided if I ever broke for a pause.

Sending fingers back to work onkeypad.

I was running against the time.

I had time by my side.
And at the end of the month.

Not one word, neither a hundred or a thousand.

Half a million words were dancing on the paper.

Telling a tale created from scratch to the defined.

It was work of fiction but felt so real.

The experience was surreal, mood was sublime.

I took a a slow languorous sip, 

And swirled it around in my mouth,

Held on to taste of sweet success for a while, 

Cherishing it as if holding a dusted cherished bottle 

from the cellar, of a rare vintage wine.


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