Living in the world of –

Instant gratification, Public notifications,

Likes and invisible dislikes,

Retweets and favourites.

We forget- lest reminded of,

by the automated machines.

2015-08-20 22.01.33

Of feelings and belonging,

Of those who matter and

All that matters to their being.

Baring our souls in public spaces

We expose ourselves randomly,

For those who care to decipher,

To validate our muted feelings

and acknowledge it for us.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Promotions,

commotions, Sorrow, hurt or loss,

Instagram justifiably filters

and awaits the surge in slots.

The world does take a notice,

Acknowledges and celebrates,

By a random like or comment,

And then refreshing the web page,

pushes it down into a lost web space.

This is the paradox of our times ,

Relationships are lived by the day.

Feelings are archived and muted with detachment

just a click away.

Dear Self, Have a Happy Birthday šŸ™‚


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