Ten Commandments for Twitter Newbies

Even though I ‘ve been on twitter since 2009 ,I  started tweeting with all fervor around the Cricket World Cup in April 2011.The Cricket Mania and Twitter Mania was Euphoric and Mesmerizing.Clearly,I was bitten by the Tweet Bug.

In my quest to know the medium and the mode , I Learnt  some rules of managing the art and survived to share Ten Commandments for a Twitter Newbie … Here they go ……

1.Follow the people and celebrities you like.Comment wisely but don’t spam their Timelines with your enthusiasm and undying love for them.You would be surprised to find many wonderful people on Twitter.

2. When two men are crowding your timeline with their bitter fight ,find the first quiet corner and resurface only when peace prevails. Don’t interfere or comment .. If  women are fighting (God Forbid if more than two are clawing at each other),leave your Timeline, Run,Go,Hide.Come back the next day .

3. No Plagiarism please. If you’re quoting someone’s tweet, mention @ to give credit. If you’ve known something through someone ,credit again by saying ” Via @ “. Good Manners Go long way on twitter too, like anywhere else.

4. No nasty tweets to celebs please,you never know when they would start following you .Don’t abuse the troll of a Celeb .While he may escape their wrath, you may get labelled as a troll .

5. Mind your own business . ….and mean it.Observe with a touch of subtly. Passive observations rock Twitter . Read It.Shut It.Forget It. Don’t Mind Please.

6. If someone with more than one profile RTs (Retweets) your same tweet from all IDs in succession , don’t cry Foul.Its accepted and acknowledged in the quiet allies of DMs(Direct Messages).

7.If you are living a lie on twitter,maintain its Sanity or call quits.Be nice or be yourself.SIMPLE. Pretensions don’t last here for long .

8.Don’t prompt people to follow you. If they like what you tweet, they would follow you anyway.Once you cross the magic number of 1000 followers ,don’t butcher the people who followed you loyally and helped you reach where you are.Be gracious and show patience with them.

9. Be Grateful.Acknowledge people’s kindness and nastiness equally.Both require tremendous efforts & courage.

10. Twitter is full of Good Samaritans who show exemplary courage in the time of distress and fight for a cause unequivocally. The Magnanimity  of Twitterati never fails to amaze the World , be it for CSR, during terror attacks or deluge.Twitter is happy to help 24*7.

One Bonus point for you …don’t jump into someone’s conversation irrespective if you have a PHD on the subject…..

And if nothing works, mumble, jumble ,write about random stuff…say #justsaying 🙂

…Explore, there’s an Ocean of interesting people out there ….you only have to find them ….and strike great conversations 🙂

Happy Tweeting 🙂

#YoursTruly, Gee

PS : Definition of Tweet : the Art of stating a complete story in just 140 characters.


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