The Caricature

The jaded reflection struggling in the mirror

evokes the reminiscence of a paradise lost

of virtuousness faded and tranquility abstained

from an epoch gone to an unidentified domain

Winds in the willows flow at a lazy pace

ruffling the cracks through a hazy gaze

Reflection looks proverbial yet strange

Sun reveals the mystery behind the pane

O!My! these are few mortal regained

of I – The Caricature of Yesterday!!

Sparkles of an old era beckon drooping mane

Curvilinear laugh lines demand a Volte-face

the innocuous eyes plead out a silent pray

to restore the innocence robbed and maimed

Anarchy governs the gallows with no end on mind

Cats bellow in a rat race with stakes on few dimes

Mirror reveals many more faceless faces behind

O! That’s We –the caricatures, We-the undefined.

Remains of a forlorn era are rusting at bay

I – the caricature of yesterday,

We – the skeletons of human face

Us – the culprits of the golden age

Mortals of human emotions and pain.


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