The Old Man and the Sea

sea Things that I learned from this great “Ernest Hemingway” classic :

  • Believe in your dreams and work towards fulfilling them
  • Never loose hope… hope keeps a man alive
  • Trust your instincts….your sub conscious can be your best friend and your worst enemy
  • There is no sense being anything but practical in life
  • Prove what you say….Each time is a new time and never think about the past while prooving yourself to someone.
  • Never loose your confidence in your abilities
  • Know your strength and use them well
  • Know your weaknesses and improve upon them
  • Learn from other’s and you own mistakes
  • Plan well …and plan way ahead
  • Be clear in your head with your thoughts
  • Watch your enemy’s moves carefully and plan your counter-attack, keeping all the perils and merits in mind
  • A man is not made for defeat…He can be destroyed but not defeated
  • Well meant help does not hurt anyone…
  • Live your dreams….

4 thoughts on “The Old Man and the Sea

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  1. Yeah,to each his own I guess.Not everyone is a Buddha or a Mahaveer who can renounce the Worldly pleasures in their quest to attain Nirava.

    Just curious,who is this author you quoted?


  2. I read a quarter of that book before my work life caught up with me. Good to know that you could deduce so many thoughts. But I disagree with this one:

    “There is no sense being anything but practical in life”

    Its too confined, very tunneled. Its as if this statement is staring towards an image of impulsive behavior and wanting to clamp it down. Its as if it is telling a budding poet to choose the medical profession. I re-read the statement but my ear refuses to like the sound of it. But then, it just might be me 🙂

    Thanks for going through my blogs. I wrote a reply to your comment on “Who are you?” Wanted to mail you the reply but your profile doesn’t have any email links and your Gtalk link too is non existent.


    1. Thank you for your comment Saurabh.I read the book as part of my masters in english,so there was no escape but I am glad I read it.Its a great classic.

      Hmm,about being practical in life,its a learning that I picked up for myself as all my life’s decisions have been taken either due to an emotional thrust or my ideology .Its not that I have any major regret in life but in certain matters, I feel one can save oneself from some emotional /monetray hurt by being little practical.Yes,you may say that its a materialistic approach but creating an equilibrium by being part materialistic ,part spiritual,part emotional,part practical may work for emotional morons like me.I am still trying to adapt that learning though…..


      1. Yea. Doing a part-x, part-y approach does work for me sometimes. More on the lines of “there is a time and a place for everything”.

        I am all for the materialistic approach, maybe also in the hedonistic sense because some author whose works I highly respect had made sense when he said that it is only by experiencing what life has to offer can you know the importance or the worthlessness of things.

        To quote from one of his works (not verbatim) – An ascetic who was born poor has nothing to renounce and hence its easy for him to be distanced by material pleasures, maybe even condemn them because he knows he can’t experience them. That “can’t” morphs into “shouldn’t” for others. Of course this is not a generalization. But just some food for thought.


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