Analogous Lines

Analogous Lines
Analogous Lines

image courtsey

On both sides of the river
Breathe two river banks
watching over each other
sitting on the shores
admiring each other
from a distance…
embracing the feel of the other
through the footsteps of
those who tread on their bosom
to reach the other….

They knew…
they aren’t ordained to meet…
ever…or till the river flows ……
They knew they would run parallel
forever…or till the wind blows

The lone solace is the boatman
who would sing the songs of the
love lorns ,feeding their hunger
each time his boat would
rest at their shores….

The wind has stopped blowing
river’s quiet too….look, ahoy,

the banks are meeting too ..
through the bridge that’s appeared
as the rainbow played the cupid

For who ever cares to listen
Sea often roars aloud….
Here lounge two parallel lines
who merged for solitary
in my magnanimous embrace
to let the love win…
and settled to bond with
their nemesis…river within….


2 thoughts on “Analogous Lines

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  1. Not bad….not bad at all……well written……it is said that some of the most beautiful poems are the simplest…..good effort


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