Waiting to Exhale……
My Soul is trapped within
the societal parameters
and familial bonding

I, in the quest to attain
the status of being humane
travel from one pillar of
accountability to another
Conscientious of blame

Life moves in circles
caught in the tornado of time

Time…he is not constant ,
waits for none
just moves on, carries on
there’s no rhyme or rhythm…

Monotony has settled in the
pores of my corpse
bringing along with it –
cobwebs of weariness
and dust of sour…….

I am under a house-arrest
for an eternity now
and my soul is stirring
To break free from it all

Run away…from the
Rigmaroles of life’s
everyday surprises….

I want to breath the
fragrance of fresh air
and devour the sweet taste of


The Twain Shall Meet…
of hardship and happiness
in life……


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